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Electricians are needed for a variety of different reasons, from faulty wires to broken light switches, electricians are always there to help. With households forever gaining new electrical appliances it is crucial that all the electrics in your property are regularly checked and are safe. This article about electrical safety will help you understand when to have your electrical safety checks.

When having an Electrical Safety check in your home the engineer will carry out different procedures and will likely check various stuff around your home. Here are some details on a electrical report

  • Gives you details of the safety of your homes wiring
  • They show you the overall condition of your wiring
  • It usually takes around 2-4 hours depending on the size of your home
  • The inspection leaves no damage to your property meaning no floor boards etc. need to be lifted up.
  • Your consumer Unit and Fuse board will then be tested.
  • Electricians will then test sockets, lights and any other electrical outlets throughout your home.
  • Readings and Measurements will then be assessed and your report will be generated.

24 Hour Emergency Electrician

A 24 hour emergency electrician can be called for a high number of different reasons. They all work 24 hours and being as its an emergency service they should all provide rapid response. Some companies provide cheaper rates than others. A 24 hour emergency electrician will work hard to ensure your safety. Whenever you are in need of a emergency electrician be sure to see qualifications and identification from the engineer as this can be crucial to ensuring yours and your families safety.

You may need to contact a 24 hour emergency electrician for a number of reasons. The reasons include:

  • Exposed Wires
  • Power outage in the property
  • Water coming into contact with wiring
  • Damaged appliances
  • Faulty fire alarms
  • Lighting problems

The list can go on, if you are ever faced with a electrical emergency then be sure to turn all power in the property off using your main breaker. For more information about the main breaker and how to locate it you can read the article mentioned at the top of this page.

24 Hour Emergency Electrician Multicore National

No matter what the time or day then multicore are here to help. They provide the fastest response times available and work alongside only the most qualified and skilled engineers in the UK. Operating 24 hours a day they provide a emergency electrical service like no other. Working hard to ensure customer satisfaction.

All the engineers are experts in the field and share their ideas and tips to each other through the forums and facebook groups they talk in, meaning with Multicore you get over a lifetime of combined experience in the industry.

Choosing multicore will not only prove to be safe and reliable but it is a cost effective approach to your electrical emergency. Meaning they keep the pricing low and the response times to the lowest possible.

For more information then contact us today. 07707088883

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