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A gas engineer is a registered professional who carries out work on different objects which use gas. Appliances such as cookers, boilers and fires. They will fix or replace damaged gas pipes throughout your home and they will also carry out regular safety checks to ensure your home is safe for yourself, family and friends. Either yourself (if you own your home), your estate agent or your landlord should have gas safety checks in your home. You can read this article for more information on when you should have a gas safety inspection in your home.

Emergency Gas Engineer

Emergency gas engineers provide a peace of mind for homeowners and landlords, knowing their is somebody waiting just a phone call away to attend to your emergency is great. An emergency gas engineer will provide a quick response and will operate as safely as possible upon arrival as they understand how dangerous it can be. You may need to call out a gas engineer for a number of reasons but remember the first job would be to turn your gas off at your gas shut off valve to be certain no more gas is flowing into the property. You can read more on this in the article mentioned above. If you are ever faced with any of the following issues then you should call an emergency gas engineer straight away.

  • When your boiler stops working
  • If you can smell gas
  • Carbon monoxide alarm ringing
  • Cooker flames flickering repeatedly (and its not due to wind)
  • Any damaged gas pipes
  • If your boiler is leaking water
  • When your boiler is making loud or un-common noises

If you are faced with any issues that you are unsure if its safe or not then be sure to call us up for advice.

24 Hour Emergency Gas Engineer

A 24 hour emergency gas engineer is somebody who works around the clock 365 days per year and are there to help no matter what the day or time. When getting a 24 hour call out be sure to ask an ETA from the company as you do not want to be waiting 3 hours in the middle of the night for somebody to arrive. 24 Hour emergency gas engineers work quickly but most importantly safely. Gas safe engineers carry all the necessary equipment to deal with your emergency on the spot, and they are trained to the best standards possible.

A 24 hour emergency gas engineer will operate quickly, efficiently and safely to guarantee your property is safe. You should always ensure your home is fitted with the correct alarms and warning sensors and should be certain you have a carbon monoxide alarm. The engineer will leave you with a copy of the initial inspection and if anything is unsafe he will cap it, then advise you on the problem and the next steps. He will ensure you get your gas supply back on straight away even if this means removing the issue temporarily until it can be fixed at a later date.

All 24 hour gas engineers are qualified enough to fix any issue and they will discuss with you the best methods to perform throughout your emergency. Helping save you time and money in order to keep costs to a minimum and safety to a maximum.

Be sure to always ask your emergency engineer for his ID and Gas safe number to guarantee complete safety. And if you are wondering how do you know if its real? then just input the details (Gas safe number) into the gas safe register website and it will tell you if its real.

Multicore 24 Hour Gas Engineers

Multicore offer very competitive prices and they provide fast response times. They work 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. Multicore gas engineers are all fully qualified and work hard to ensure your satisfaction, clarification but most importantly your safety. With a great portfolio of successful emergencies, Multicore will definitely leave you feeling stress free and satisfied and the end of a stressful day.

Do not hesitate to get in touch, no matter what the day or time. 07707088883


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