Emergency Plumber Heywood

Emergency Plumber Heywood

Welcome to Multicore National. Multicore provide rapid response emergency plumber Heywood no matter what the day or time. Working 24 hours per day and operating 365 days per year, Multicore are always happy to help during the time of your plumbing emergency. Do not hesitate to contact Multicore during the time of your emergency. They can be reached on


You can be faced with a plumbing emergency for a high number of different reasons and identifying the difference between a Emergency and a normal plumbing issue could be crucial to saving you money. An emergency plumber Heywood will more than likely have higher rates, only because they get called out at all times of night. Whereas a regular plumber would only work the usual working hour 9am – 5pm.

Emergency Plumber Heywood

A emergency plumber Heywood can give landlords and home owners a piece of mind, just knowing that you can potentially have somebody out to you within 30 minutes of your emergency happening is a satisfying thought. As its obvious that the longer you wait, the more damage will be caused to your property. There can be a number of different issues you may be face with in order to call out a emergency plumber Heywood. These can be anything from

  • Leaking tap
  • Leaking toilet
  • Blocked toilet
  • Burst pipe
  • Leaking pipe
  • Leaking ball cock
  • Shut off valve leaking
  • Washing machine leaking

Be sure to always switch off your water when faced with an emergency as this will help leave minimal damage to your property. The main shut off valve can be located in a number of different places. This article which we wrote will explain more.

Every engineer should be equipped with the standard tools, some of these tools can be found below.

  • Pipe cutters
  • Telescopic tube cutter
  • Adjustable spanner
  • Adjustable pipe wrench
  • Slip joint pliers
  • Mole grips
  • Blowlamp and gas
  • Pipe bender
  • Plunger
  • Hacksaw
  • Spirit levels
  • Allen keys
  • Junior hacksaw
  • Drainage rods
  • Soldering pad
  • Radiator key

Multicore provide a rapid response call out to Heywood and the surrounding areas. They offer a cheaper alternative to waiting 3-4 hours for somebody and they make sure they attend to the emergency in less than 90 minutes. Call them today for more information about the emergency plumbers in Heywood they have on call.

To help you narrow down which emergency plumber Heywood to go with, you can read this article from buzzfeed.

24 Hour Emergency Plumber Heywood

24 hour emergency plumber Heywood ensure rapid response and they offer a cost effective solution during the night when you are faced with a plumbing emergency.

Multicore 24 hour emergency plumbing service is one of the most reliable around, they are open 365 days per year to ensure they are always here to help. They provide rapid response 24 hour emergency plumbers to Heywood and the surrounding areas.

Do not hesitate to contact the through there contact page. If you are looking for any other service in the Heywood are then visit one of the following links.

More Information About 24 Hour Emergency Plumber In Heywood Visit The Following Link, Plumbers Heywood.


emergency plumber Heywood
emergency plumber Heywood