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A Lot Of British Adults Can’t Recognise The Signs Of A Un Safe Gas Appliance

Recent studies show that a 3rd of UK residents cannot identify when a gas appliance is un-safe. In the UK there is around 50 fatalities per year from un-safe gas appliances, with 33% of British adults being un able to identify when a appliance in un-safe.

From gas leaks to gas explosions, knowing the correct procedures and how to ensure all your gas appliances are safe is crucial. Using gas safe registered engineers and getting regular gas safety checks is vital to guarantee complete satisfaction that your gas appliances are safe.

Dangers Of Un-Safe Gas Appliances

Gas can be a very dangerous element, however if used safely, following all the correct procedures you should have no problems. Lets start with the most common problem, Gas leaks, they can come from faulty appliances or broken pipes and although gas is not poisonous it can lead to explosions and fire’s.

If you ever suspect one of your gas appliance’s to be faulty or un-safe, you must immediately contact a gas safe registered engineer.

Another common problem from un-safe gas appliances, which can be very dangerous and even result in death. Carbon monoxide poisoning, you cannot smell, see or taste it which makes it even more harder to recognise. Every year around the UK, Scotland and Wales there are roughly 25 accidental carbon monoxide poising deaths according to the NHS.

To help identify if you ever have a carbon monoxide leak you have to make sure you have carbon monoxide alarm, and make sure you regularly check the batteries and test it is working. Again if this problem ever occurs, contact a gas safe registered engineer immediately. You can find more information about what to do in that kind of situation on Ak homeshow carbon monoxide blog.

How To Identify A Un-Safe Gas Appliance

Knowing how to identify a un-safe gas appliance in critical to ensuring complete safety throughout your home. The most recent figures show that only 33% of people knew that a lazy yellow flame was a sign of a faulty appliance, only 32% understood that if the pilot light on your boiler keeps going out, then its un-safe. 29% knew that black marks or stains around your appliance’s was another indication of it being faulty and just 12% of Britain knew that if there was increased condensation throughout your home, this was another sign of a faulty appliance.

Getting annual gas safety checks is crucial and always using fully qualified gas safe engineers. 53% of people do not get annual gas safety checks from gas safe registered engineers, and 1 in 6 people take no steps at all to ensure their appliances are safe and this figure needs to improve.

To see more information or for more figures and a more in depth look on this, you can visit County Times. All sources for the information provided is listed throughout the article.


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