Emergency Plumber Wigan

Emergency Plumber Wigan

Are you looking for an emergency plumber Wigan and the surrounding areas? When in need of an emergency plumber in Wigan you can be at ease knowing that Multicore are available 24 hours per day, Their excellent customer service means that you need to look no further. Offering the most competitive pricing structure available on todays market to ensure a cost effective and satisfying service from start to Finnish. Multicore are one of the highest recommended plumbers Wigan.

Multicore have built a strong and good reputation in Wigan as being the company with very quick response times. Through excellent online reviews and recommendations the company is always growing and getting better, which means the service keeps improving. As Multicore grow so does the portfolio of skilled engineers in Wigan. All these engineers are made available to you in your time of need through a quick call to the number below.

 Emergency Plumber Wigan, Common Emergencies

On a regular day Multicore will attend to a few emergencies in Wigan and around the Northwest. These emergencies can range from anything from burst pipes, leaking toilets, broken stop taps and much more. With a population of 90,000-100,000 you can imagine that the engineers have been faced with all sorts of different issues. Knowing you have trustworthy emergency plumbers in your local area can be satisfying especially with the high amount of rogue trading companies around.

With private housing becoming ever more popular in the Wigan area and more people owning their own homes rather than living in council owned properties the demand for emergency plumbers is rising. More people are having to turn to private emergency plumbing companies rather than using Wigan council plumbing contractors. This means Multicore are always growing as successful emergency plumber Wigan doing more work, getting better and quicker at what we do and bringing a great service to the people of Wigan.

Below I will list some of the common plumbing emergencies recently completed by Multicore in Wigan.

  • Blocked toilet on Redbrook Road in Wigan
  • We fixed a burst pipe for a worried customer on Falkirk Drive in Wigan
  • Leaking toilet cistern on Robin Park Road in Wigan
  • Our engineers attended to a property that had flooded on Rose Avenue in Wigan, the flood was due to a stop valve which had exploded in the loft.
  • We had a leaking washing machine pipe which we fixed in Wigan
  • A U-bend that fell off and the client couldn’t use her sink on Saint Davids Crescent in Wigan
  • We attended a property that had water coming up through the floor boards on Wigan Road and our engineers had it fixed within 30 minutes from them calling Multicore.

As mentioned earlier we do attend a lot of plumbing emergencies in the Wigan area, the list could go on for ages. Please do not hesitate and contact Multicore straight away when faced with any plumbing issue.

Common Equipment Used By An Emergency Plumber Wigan

Plumbing equipment has improved over the years, and like every other industry there is a tool to make each job that little bit easier. Plumbers use all sorts of fancy equipment from water freezing kits to moisture damp imaging meters, inspection cameras and much more. They of course use the normal plumbing tools as you would expect like pipe cutters and spanners, wrenches etc. With technology continuously growing so can the use of it in different industries. Each plumber has his own favourite brand or set that they will swear by, but we have done some research into the most common brands of plumbing equipment and some of the most common tools and listed them below.

  • Rigid Close Quarters Tubing Cutters
  • Milwaukee Adjustable Wrenches
  • Flir MR176 Imaging Moisture Meter
  • Milwaukee Pipe Wrench
  • Autel Rechargeable Inspection Camera
  • Rothenberger Auto Turbo Pipe Freezing Kit

Like most of you know, the list for different plumbing tools could drag on, if you are unsure what might be needed then call Multicore’s emergency plumber Wigan and they will be happy to assist you.

What Do I Do When I Need An Emergency Plumber Wigan

When in desperate need of an emergency plumber Wigan it can be time consuming phoning all the different companies to see if anyone is available or to find the cheapest quote. That’s why Multicore are glad to offer this cost effective service to the people of Wigan and the surrounding areas. They operate with fast response no matter what the day or time may be, they have gathered quotes and hourly rates from a huge amount of plumbers in Wigan and put together a pricing structure that cannot be beaten on todays market for quick response emergency plumbers Wigan. With a huge reputation of being one of the highest recommended plumbers Wigan.

Sometimes it may not always be the cheapest company which is the best option to go with, also the first engineer you find available may to not always be the best choice. Steve Playle from trading standards institute told the BBC that going with the first free engineer you find can be a big mistake.

Why did he say this? because some companies can not be trusted, some companies are quick to take payment but do not always carry out the work to the best of their abilities. With Multicore they can guarantee you will be satisfied with the service they offer, they have trustworthy, reliable and the most skilled emergency plumber Wigan ready and awaiting your call, do not hesitate to pick up the phone today and call Multicore.

Multicore Emergency Plumber Wigan

To read more information about the 24 hour emergency plumber Wigan that Multicore have to offer then you can visit the following page. 24 Hour Plumber In Wigan.

As well as emergency plumbers, they also provide plumber Wigan. If you require a Wigan plumber but you are not in a emergency situation, this could be something like a new bathroom installation or a tap that needs changing, something that can wait and doesn’t need to be done immediately. You can also contact Multicore to provide you with a Wigan plumber and make a booking for any day you prefer.

Aside from emergency plumbers and regular plumbers, Multicore provide a range of different emergency services to Wigan, See below.

Emergency Plumber Wigan
24 hour emergency plumber wigan