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How To Create Engaging Content

Great content is essential to great results online if you have a team of content writers churning out articles day in day out with no actual, important information being produced, then your results online and especially in SEO are going to be poor and expensive. In this article, I will briefly go over some key points to create engaging content for your readers.


Research is key, this needs to not only be done in the sense of researching what content to write but also researching who you are writing for. Knowing what interests your readers is essential if you want to create content that they will engage with. Creating with purpose will not only bring you more engagement but also more clicks through to your website. To research, your audience looks at what type of content they have previously interacted with, what interests them, what type of content they like whether that be images, video or written content. Look into what type of emotional content they interact with whether this be sad or funny and you can start to develop a content plan that will entice your readers.

If you are creating a guest post type of article for someone else’s website in which you don’t have analytics access to gather data, you can use tools such as Buzzsumo to look into what topics and content performed well across different digital platforms. Say for example you type into Buzzsumo the keyword SEO, it will list the top-performing content based on the category SEO, giving you a great starting point for coming up with a piece of engaging content.


Now you have completed your research and you know, what to create and who to create for, you now need to plan your content, look at where you will share the content. If its an article you may want to publish to article directories, guest post on other blogs, publish on your own website, you may want to publish on a community website like Medium, publishing your article in the right place is important to engage with the right audience. If your content is a video then you will want to share on video directories such as Youtube, Dailymotion etc.

How will you create engagement and get the message out to your audience? Think about what social channels you will share the content on, if your advertising efforts depend solely upon Instagram then your content needs to contain a lot of images and have some great pictures to go with it in order to attract readers to view the full content on the published platform. If your main advertising platform is Facebook then you will need to attract your audience to click through using catchy, interesting titles.


To create engaging content that performs well you need to understand your audience, what it is that interests them, and what they engage with. If you can understand what your audience wants then you will successfully create engaging content. Also, promotion is key, publish your content in the correct places where your audience will be, if your trying to attract the millennial audience social media would be key, the older audience may be news websites, even print content.

And remember to create good content, you can hire professional video creators online covering all budget types, graphic designers can also be found, or you can use tools like Canva to create engaging infographics with 100s of templates, you can create simple animations quite simply with Powtoon, content writes can be picked up cheap at places like iCopify. Using Buzzsumo and Shareit will help you to identify what content to get written and digging into Analytics and data will help you create relevant content for your audience.

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