Creating an at-home game/entertainment room may be something that has been on your list a while. It can seem like a huge task, but with the help of our expert, we hope you can get this done quickly and cost effectively.


Choose Location

So, is your at home entertainment system going to be done in your cellar? Your bedroom? Your attic? Or your shed? Firstly, think of the location you would like to build your room before you plan it, in order to get the correct measurements for anything needed.


Once you’ve decided on the location, take your measurements, you want to measure the whole room, so you no, just incase if you want to include carpet or wallpaper upgrades in your games room.


Choose Theme

So are you going to have a theme to your games room? Maybe superhero themed or GTA style games room, you could paint the walls and put up wallpaper in order to make your room look like it’s floating in outer space, this would be good for when playing Halo or mass effect.


You may want to go with a basic football looking room in order to make the ultimate FIFA playing room, or even a Fortnite themed room would look cool, whatever theme you decide upon, if any, would be a basis on the stuff you will need to buy going forward.




If you are decorating your room to match a certain theme then this would be the time to do-so, put down your flooring or carpet, slap the paint on your walls, and get that wallpaper stuck up. Get all your decorating finished and then you are on the way to having the ultimate games room.


Once your decorating is complete, you would then start designing your room and planning out and accessorising the room.



You will now need to buy your accessories, you can get a big projector from Amazon for less than £50, mood lighting, bean bags and sound systems all from amazon for fairly cheap. Place your gamer chair in your room, set up your screen or projector directly in front of the screen. Get some LED strip tape (Again can be purchased from Amazon) and place it around the main wall. This will give it a stand-outish feature for your main wall.


Remember to hook your sound system up, so you have a good 360 degree sound effect and it sounds like them call of duty grenades are exploding behind you. Add some Lava lamps to the corner of the room and you’re good to go.


Game Away

So now, you’re ready to game, kick back on your gamer chair or beanbag, turn on them lava lamps and LED strips, turn out your main light. Sound system on, projector or TV screen on, and you are ready to game your heart out. Below I will break down a rough idea of what this would cost, minus the decorating as I have no idea how big each room will be. But from a basic 5m by 5m room I will indicate the costs below…. And thanks for reading 🙂


LED Strip Lights – £11.99

Gamer Chair – £120

Bean Bags – £6.00

Lava Lamp – £15

Projector Screen – £42

Surround Sound – £200



Paul is an avid gamer, he likes playing GTA, COD and FIFA and also helps design real life games at Break Free Escape Stoke. Which is an escape room based in Newcastle-under-Lyme.


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