Terms & Conditions

Any participation in this service will constitute acceptance of this agreement.

By accessing and using this service, you accept and agree to be bound by the terms and provision of this agreement. In addition, when using these particular services, you shall be subject to any posted guidelines or rules applicable to such services. Any participation in this service will constitute acceptance of this agreement. If you do not agree to abide by the above, please do not use this service.

1. Use Of Multicore Service

1.1 By using this service you agree to all the terms & conditions

1.2 All emergencies will have a response time of no longer than 2 hours, unless stated otherwise.

1.3 The labour starts when the engineer enters the property of the emergency

1.4 Work carried out by the engineer will be insured through the engineers insurance

1.5 Invoices for the labour costs will be issued by the engineer

1.6 Invoices for the call out fee will be sent directly to you from Multicore

2. Payments

2.1 Call out/booking fee is non-refundable unless discussed otherwise.

2.2 You have up to 5 minutes to cancel and receive a full refund from time of booking.

2.3 The hourly rate must be payed directly to the engineer after completion of the work.

2.4 Cancellation up to 15 minutes is 25% refundable.

2.5 Labour costs is minimum of 1 hour plus the call out fee.

2.6 Parking or congestion charges will be billed to the customer.

2.7 Payment can be made using cash, card, cheque or bank transfer.

2.8 Call out fee must be paid by card.

3. Privacy Policy

3.1 The information we take including address, name and number will only be stored for internal use and not shared with any additional third party’s.

3.2 Disclosure of information to third parties – we will not disclose any information to third parties. Excluding our contractors, who will use it for the sole purpose of providing the service.

4. Changes to agreement

4.1 If for any reason the terms change when you have a on-going contract. You will be notified by email and phone contact.

4.2 The agreement cannot change when you have an on going contract







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