Top Plumbing Tips for the Homeowner

Top Plumbing Tips for the Homeowner

Any field has essential tricks of the trade that help to make processes more efficient and improve outcomes. This article covers some of the top plumbing tips for someone who is not a professional plumber.

Top Plumbing Tips
Plumbing Tips For The Homeowner


  • Prevent large materials from draining. Many plumbing problems can be prevented by minimizing materials that go down the drain such as food or hair. Investing in affordable drain stoppers or sink strainers can save a lot of money, time, and hassle down the road.  
  • Do not flush baby wipes. Normal baby wipes should not be flushed down the toilet. These are not able to break down and can end up clogging the toilet drain. Use regular toilet paper or flushable toilet wipes instead.
  • Keep pipes warm in cold months. The last thing any homeowner wants is to turn their water on in winter and realize that the pipes are frozen. Make sure to run small heaters near the pipes and disconnect outdoor hoses when the weather is freezing.
  • Regular check faucets for leaks. Leaky faucets waste a lot of water, money, and can slowly loosen over time. By checking for leaks, especially in rarely used faucets or spickets, you will be able to correct for minor problems before there is a major leak.
  • Prevent hard water damage. Hard water corrodes metal pipes and makes appliances need replaced sooner than expected. Running a little vinegar with the dishwashing cycle will help to counteract the hard water in the dishwasher, cleaning your hot water heater once a year will remove unnecessary sediment, and investing in a rented or purchased whole house water softener are all ways to reduce the effects of hard water.
  • Caulk or recaulk when necessary. Caulking is one of the first lines of defense against leaks. When caulking cracks, it must be reapplied in order to create a tight seal. Take off the old caulking and then reapply new caulking in a clean and straight line.
  • Monitor water usage. Oftentimes, the only way to know that there is a major issue is to take notice of normal water usage. That way when an unexpected surge in water usage occurs, you know that it is probably due to a leak or running water somewhere.


While there are as many plumbing problems as there are ways to imagine them, these problems can frequently be prevented by taking proactive steps. Follow the seven tips stressed here to save headaches and expenses down the road.

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